20. September – Impressions of Addis – and planning for the next steps…

Addis Abeba – eine riesige Baustelle

After the exhausting tour yesterday, we proceed slower. After breakfast, we meet Jan Blum, the Manager of KfW-Office in Addis.
He reports on the impressive development of the country in the past years – however starting from a very low level.

Construction work is going on for hotels and office buildings, but we saw also Homes to be built

KfW supports in Ethiopia the implementation of Germany’s famous dual education system for apprenticeship, combined with theoretical teaching in stately owned schools.

Jan also gave interesting hints on a tour operator, that provides hiking tours while supporting local communities.

Wendelin, who visited Ethiopia in 1991 confirms that he also doesn’t recognise anything from the former time. Construction work is going on all over Addis – and specially the new tramway changes the image of the town.

The Meskal Square – former place of Dergh parades, now cutted by the tramway
Meskal in 1991 – the building with the Mercedes Star is also to be seen on the above picture – but very small, behind the tramway

Traffic is chaotic but not aggressive – somehow everybody passes through the traffic jams without honking and screaming.

Also our driver is very careful and manages to get through, even if it is millimetre work.


Millimetre work – but all in all relaxed – traffic in Addis

Close to the German Embassy, we find the recommended tour operator and discuss an arrangement for two hikes in the North of Ethiopia. Details still have to be finalised.

Then we go back to Caravan hotel for a nap.


Caravan hotel in the Bole district

The hotel looks not very appealing from the outside, but is quite nice inside – with warm shower and Internet working form time to time.

Tonight we are having dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, also a recommendation from Jan. As our stomachs a not in the best condition, we have to apologise for not eating all.

Tomorrow, we will fly to Dire Dawa.