11. October – 20 km over hill and dale

In the morning, breakfast is taken at a lookout point in the lodges. We enjoy the view of the overwhelming mountain landscape.

Then it starts again. Today we have two donkeys.

Unfortunately Estefanos does not lead – as we had hoped – along the rim in the direction of our „lunch station“. Only two times we can enjoy the great view from above. The farmers would not like it if we walk through their fields right now, just before the harvest, which they probably plant right up to the abyss.
We have to accept it, but walking on the stone paths is not really fun.

Nach rund 11 km erreichen wir die Hütten bei

The donkeys are changed. The drivers say goodbye too. Their colleagues have three donkeys. One is a cub, it does not have to carry anything. Then we hike on, really over hill and dale. After 6 km we cross the main road, the Woreta Highway.

Again and again we cross small streams – and it is not easy to get over without wet shoes.
We are really tired when finally the second community lodge, Wajela, is in front of us.

Vor dem Essen werden die Hände gewaschen. Before Lunch – handwash

Everywhere the same ritual: welcome, then tea at the lookout point – this time on the northern break, direction Lalibela.
We move into our cabin, at least cleanse our hands and face. Here we have a beer for a debut – and later two more at dinner.

This takes place in the dining room. Soon the villagers who look after the lodge will light a fire in the middle of the room. But the smoke does not disturb. This time there is quite a good soup and spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner. It tastes really nice, even if Wendelin can not eat much. We praise the cooks.

Our bedroom