14. October – Denahunu Ethiopia! Goodbye, Ethiopia!

Today is our last day in Addis and in Ethiopia. In the morning we meet Mulugeta, whom Wendelin met 27 years ago during shooting in Addis. He is now a business consultant, working with his brother, a proven IT expert.

At lunchtime we meet Barakat, whom the film crew interviewed at that time. He invites us for lunch, there is an interesting exchange about the development of Ethiopia and the political situation

After all, we go to the Ras Hotel – remembering – because Kordula, Chris and Wendelin lived their in 1991. It has hardly been changed since …

In the city though much has changed. Again and again we marvel at the skyscrapers, which shoot everywhere from the ground.

Tonight at 2 we are taken to the airport and then we go to Cairo. We have decided to close the blog now because in Cairo only visits and discussions with business friends of Annette are on the program.
Therefore at this point all readers thanks for the attention, all who wrote comments a special thanks. And who has not left a comment – it is simply at the bottom of the page – we are pleased about the feedback, because how many of you have actually called the blog once, we will not get it.

Bye, Ethiopia! Tschööö dear readers. See you soon in Cologne or anywhere else in the world!

Annette & Wendelin